FAQ - Rodents Control

Some common signs of a rodent infestation are seeing droppings, rub marks along baseboards & walls, the smell of ammonia, chew marks on wood or wires, scratching noises within the walls or seeing an actual rodent.

They can bite, but it is very rare. They are very shy, so when it comes to interacting with humans, they will run and hide whenever possible. Believe it or not, they are more scared of you than you are of them!

Mice, rats, and other rodents can carry a wide array of dangerous diseases. Rodents can contaminate food and various surfaces in your home with their feces and urine, putting you at risk of contracting these diseases. Some of the infections carried by rats in particular (such as Hantavirus) are lethal in many cases. If you encounter rodents in your home, contact a Home Pest Control professional for help.

Many mice carry diseases, which can be spread through their droppings. If the droppings end up near your food, you and your family could get sick. They can also spread diseases by carrying fleas, ticks or mites into your home.

Mice and rats are nocturnal. Because of this, a rodent infestation could escalate in your home or business without your knowing. This, in combination with rodents’ very rapid reproductive cycle, means by the time you detect a pest problem, it could already be out of hand.

One can easily detect the presence of the past by the droppings of gnawing here and there. You can also find their tracks on dusty and muddy surfaces. Burrows and runways can be found along the fences, buildings, railway tracks, or even in debris.

The best way to get rid of mice is through the use of traps. These can take a number of different forms, including the traditional mouse trap (which kills the mouse when triggered) as well as various types of humane live traps. Due to the rapid reproduction rates of mice and rats, DIY pest control is usually not recommended as it is difficult to keep up with growing rodent populations. The most efficient way to eliminate an infestation is to Contact a professional rodent control.

A mouse or rat can penetrate even the smallest gaps, cracks, and holes, down to ¼ inch.

The most successful and long-term control of mouse in the house is the restriction of food items and shelter as much as possible. For trapping to be successful, sufficient traps must be placed in different locations. A pest control professional will come in and treat the problem so that you can live comfortably in your home.

PESTOMAN offers an effective solution to Rodent infestation which are fast and non-toxic. Our treatment options vary depending on the severity of the rat problem; we offer evaluation and inspection of buildings to ensure that they are free from pests and rodents. Our experts are the most trusted ones in pest control activities.


Regardless of whether you need a pest inspection to determine the presence of Rodent or you need affordable extermination, Pestoman Pest Control is here for you. We provide residential and commercial pest control services. Contact our team today to get started!

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